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The Only Three Weight-Loss Supplements You'll Ever Need

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Of all the questions about diet and exercise I get, I'm commonly asked, "Which supplements will help me lose weight faster?"

My answer usually isn't the one their looking for, but nevertheless brings up a good point. Just how important are supplements for weight-loss?

Supplements are just that. They're supplemental. By definition, a supplement is an enhancement, something that's additional. Meaning that supplements add an extra layer of benefits to a solid base of fundamental principles.

Despite what supplement companies tell you, Biotox Gold supplements are useless without sticking to the basics of a weight-loss program.

The basics--the principles--are as follows: regular exercise and eating less than it takes to maintain your bodyweight. Just doing this continuously will account for at least 90% of your weight-loss success.

For the additional 10%, supplements come in handy. But there are just three I recommend you consider taking, of course after talking with your doctor. Here's the supplements:

1. A Good Multivitamin. When you eat less to lose weight, you're depriving yourself of vitamins and nutrients--vital to a healthy, functioning body. And depriving yourself of these over time will cause your fat-burning metabolism to slow and become inefficient. So filling these gaps with a high-quality multivitamin is a good insurance policy to ensure you lose weight at a consistent rate.

2. Fish Oil. You've probably heard a lot about fish oil. Of all the products hyped in the media, this is one that actually deserves the attention. Fish oil contains essential fatty acids necessary for proper bodily function--so much that we cannot create these fatty acids ourselves-the only way to use them is to eat certain types of food. Studies show that fish oil helps regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, helping you optimize your fat-burning powers. One study showed that showed 50% of all cancer would be eliminated if every American began supplementing with fish oil! So make sure you eat salmon every day or take fish oil supplements made from wild, not farmed, fish. Quality matters here, folks-spend a few dollars more to get the stuff that really works.

3. Green tea. Green tea is great-it's filled with fat-burning micronutrients, has no calories, and has very little caffeine. And if you'd rather stay away from caffeine altogether, you can supplement with decaffeinated pills and tea. I suggest several cups spread throughout the day for optimal results.

Some of you might wonder why I didn't highlight other supplements on the market. And that goes back to the original point. Supplements account for at most 10% of your weight-loss results. So many people get obsessive-compulsive about which supplements they take. Trust me on this-your need to simplify, simplify, simplify! Just take the supplements that give you the best bang for your buck. And focus your attention on eating properly at every meal and exercising as much as you can physically handle.